About Australia

Flying over the hot red earth of the Australian Outback en-route to Sydney may forge feelings akin to those of the great explorers from years ago. There is an awe-inspiring sense of freedom that greets you when you land in Australia - even in the cosmopolitan cities the country's far flung corners seem welcoming and accessible. For a sensory overload, flit from the rainforest of tropical north Queensland, to vast national parks, mountains, lakes and red earth throughout the Northern Territory getting you back to nature, unruffled. Realise once-in-a-life-time dreams by swimming with dolphins off Monkey Mia in Western Australia. Here, the area that takes on a much more rugged coastal persona in contrast to the bright lights and excitable holiday atmosphere of Australia's East Coast. Earn your fins underwater in and around the magnificent Great Barrier Reef and chuck a shrimp on the barbie afterwards for the perfect pat-on-the-back reward. Back down south, mill around the classy boutiques and cutting edge art galleries in Melbourne and take a boat out on the harbour in Sydney for a chinwag with Australia's friendliest locals. Find quiet corners in Tasmania, sit under an apple tree in South Australia and watch the native wildlife over a glass of world class wine. Spend Dreamtime memories with the Aborigines and you'll wind up feeling a million miles away from home in your own dreams that will have quickly become reality.