Africa and Indian Ocean

About Africa and Indian Ocean

53 countries make up the grandest safari you could ever imagine - if you only had the time to cover them all in one go. Africa and safaris are synonymous and you'll get a healthy dose of spotting all sorts of interesting wild life. Check out the Big Five in unspoilt natural wilderness and tiptoe around in barefoot luxury lodges in Namibia. Within the National parks you'll see Zebras, Lions, Rhinos, Giraffes and all the characters that befit the best of the world's game viewing. Strike though the wilderness of ancient lands, get out into rugged earth, sip the fruits from internationally acclaimed vineyards, and relax in the best boutique lodge accommodation you'll find. Discerning loafers can enjoy glamorous beaches and hikers can get out into a real sense of the open - scaling mountains that don't only include the epic Kilimanjaro. Drift away on an escape into the Indian Ocean and become a part of tribal life in a backdrop of music and dance. There's an earthy element to the whole of Africa that provides an altogether organic experience that we're certain you'll love. Share photos of Ugandan gorillas and wind your way further south for a hearty BBQ - or Braai as it's locally known. Witness a part of the staggering history that has changed and still is changing the make up of this continent - get here while it still retains its rustic charm.